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Remove those enhancements safely with our removal kit.


This Kit includes:

  • 16oz Acetone.
  • 0.5oz Peach Conditioning Cuticle Oil.
  • 100 Grit Purple Terminator File.



TTN- Nail Removal Kit

SKU: 36523641234523


    • 100% Pure Acetone. This acetone is a Multi-purpose and used to soak off acrylic, gel and nail enhancements. Available in 16oz.
    • Cuticle Care is SOOO Important! Nourish your dry, cracked cuticles in just seconds with our Conditioning Cuticle Oil. Promotes Healthy strong natural fingernails and healthy nail growth, even while wearing acrylic or artificial nails. No alcohol or mineral oil is used.  This can also be used as a quick dry. Polish will dry up to 5x faster than air drying. A must have for a girl on the go!  0.5oz
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